Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our little life!

We are from BC. But after 8 years of secondary infertility, I got my little miracle. (The funny thing is my daughter was a little accident, when we were 19). Anyway, I have worked Frankies whole life, 2 jobs for most of it.So, while I was on Maternity leave, I came up with a plan. And the biggest problem with this plan was to convince my husband. To make a long story short we picked up our family, my mom and dad too, and moved two provinces away to Saskatchewan. It was hard at first but the best decision ever. And now we are even doing better financially. My husband works 2weeks on and off. In Fort Mcmurray.
I enjoy being a stay at home mom and I thought it was mostly for Matteo. But as it turns out it is just as good for Frankie. Mom doesnt have to work till 11 pm anymore. And she can call me anytime.( kinda became the cool mom).
Well, we bought a house when we moved. It was inexpensive, so in November we sold it. But there was nothing to buy and our house sold in 2 hrs. We didnt know that would happen considering it was on the market for 2 yrs when we bought. So, we are kinda at a stand still.Living in my mom and dads basement. Sharing a shower and kitchen. And Frankie is 2 floors up from us, but we make the best of it.

Here I come.

So, I have been reading blogs for about a year now. I think it all started about a year ago. I goggled something and SAJ's blog came up. I found it interesting cause my son is the same age as bb. so, I silently read for a year. So, now I am going to try. I am not very computer friendly, so I will have to get my 11 year old to help me out. CRAZY.
SO Here I go!!!!