Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family fun and a great weekend

We travelled to Saskatoon for the first time this weekend. It was about a three and a half hour drive. No Joe of course he is working. My dad met us in Saskatoon to watch Matteo.
For Christmas this year I asked for tickets to Phantom of the Opera, for myself and Frankie.I got my dad to get one for mom as well. It was fantasic,I did see it when I was thirteen. We had really good seats,except for a tall lady in front of us that had to move her complete head with the actors on the stage. Oh ya a nd a woman hacking up a lung behind us.
We also went to the incorrect stadium and had to race across town to make it!

We then shopped our hearts out the next day,the best we could on Sunday short shopping hours.Frankie had 200 dollars to spend. She had her heart set on LuLu Lemon.She honestly was more excited about this store than Disneyland. We left there spending 300 dollars on an eleven year old!!!!

She got a pair of pants(that they are hemming for free,plus 9 dollars shipping to get here) A pair of shorts, A hoody,four headbands and a waterbottle!There shopping bags are fantastic and reusable.Frankie uses her old one for a school bag.

My only complaint about that store is that it was packed,I mean people on top of eachother. But people were leaving unsatisfied because tons of stuff on the shelves only had size 2 or 4. When we these stores get it that is not the average size! They would sell so much more.

We had a wonderful dinner at a local Italian restaurant and I wished we would have had more time. Next time!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Learning slowly but surely

I just learnt how to get my profile picture off facebook, onto my desktop. And then on to my profile. Since we have a new computer, I dont have alot of those older pictures on here anymore.Thanx Joe!

This picture is me and Matteo after his first family party. So, I would say Late January, early febuary 2006.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunny days and road trips!

This beautiful sunny day has made me long for a road trip~

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Matteo got a haircut the day before Disneyland. It was not our regular girl.It was terrible. And to top it off it was 5 times more than we pay here in Melville. And the girl was sooooo rude. I had an appointment booked with a girl that had cut my really long hair off in December. So, I went in a little early since my mom was with us, to see if anyone had any openings for Matteo. There was a girl available. When she was asked to cut Matteos hair, I saw the LOOK! I should have walked out right then.I was desparate since we were going away the next day.

She didnt speak to him the entire time.She rolled her eyes when he would fidget. Keeping in mind Matteo has had no less than ten haircuts in his short 2 years.The first one a 4 months.He is a pro. And it is the one time when he actually sits and almost behaves!!! But I think he was feeling her frustration and was not behaving. NOt really bad though, I have seen kids really freaking out. He was just squirming.

Anyways, last week I let Joe practically buzz cut him, because everytime I would look at his hair I would feel angry. (about the actual experience,NOT Matteo).

So, now I am going to try to grow out his hair, past the awkward faze.

And if you were wondering the girl that had cut my hair so wonderfully in December. Totally did a number on me that I am still paying for till this day.Needless, to say it was a bad salon day!!!!!

He his still really cute though!!! Those were a couple pictures with the new short cut from dad.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The dungeon and the new place

Well, its done we are now the proud owners of a run down, kinda stinky, dingy house. But it is ours and if I close my eyes, I see the potential.
So, for now we will continue to live in the Dungeon. It is not so bad but really small and the bathrom is tiny.And we shower upstairs.
But I can see the end result and it is a everything brand spanking new house.Yippee

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Posting issues

I was obviously having some memory problems, couldnt remember what pics I had already used. I also am quite computer challenged to put it nicely, and I have no idea how to put a picture. Then blog a bit then picture. Mine all come out in a row.Oh well, guess I will learn!

Weekend in Winnipeg

We had alot of fun at the car show. The hotel Delta Winnipeg was really nice too. And such a good price.
The girls waited 2 and a half hours to see Jason Earles. aka Jackson from the show Hannah Montana. They looked so in love. So cute.

Matteo was so happy to seee Mater. Hard to tell from his pictures though. He is doing this new thing as soon as you are about to click. He gets a really serious face. Still cute though.He thought he had to pose by touching the tires of all the cars.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Snow and blah

It snowed again, this is getting depressing!

It is 2 am and I am not in the slightest mood for sleep.

Joe comes home tomorrow, so I have to drive over a hour each way to get him.

My scanner/printer is being funny so, I couldnt do a post about our fun weekend.

Oh ya, we bought a house for cheap, but we have redo every detail about it.

So, we will be living in the dungeon forever( ok a long time)

Matteo has hit the terrible 2's witha vengence

Frankie is having honesty issues, with the littlest things(just tell the truth jeez)

I am alittle bored

I am almost 2 months late ( probably just hormone problem, which explains all the complaining)

Just one of those weeks

I am done now, thanks for listening