Friday, February 5, 2010

He didn't lie

About 3 weeks ago Matteo cut his hair almost to the scalp with those scissors that hardly cut paper. So, he got in some trouble for doing something wrong. ( Not that I dont remember doing that twice at a much older age)And all the while I tried not to laugh. I did made it through.

The scissors were taken away. Then a couple a days ago a cute little face said to his mom. " Mommy I promise if you let me use my scissors I wont cute my hair. All I want to do is make valentines for my friends". Melt my heart of course you can buddy but no haircutting. He played and cut for more than a hour. Wow I thought this is great. " ummm mommy, I didnt cut my hair, but I did cut a hole in my pajama pants and top". Parenting fail, I laughed.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lost my post and January Birthdays

I wrote,edited and posted pictures on my first post in about 3 months. And then I accidently erased the entire thing. Gone, poof, see ya later. I almost cried but I didnt.

So here we go again!

On January 4th my little man turned 4!He loved Christmas and his birthday this. He was so into it...

January 10th was Frankie's big day she turned 13. I am officially the mother of a teenager. She is making the big move out to BC ahead of us. I dont know what I will do without her for over 2 months....

Man I love those too. We had such a good day the three of us taking pictures. Frankie had alot of great ideas. She loves photography. They are both artistic and they certainly didnt get it from me.