Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I must be nuts!

Last night I was half listening to the TV and I heard "Mater from Cars at Winnipeg car show". Well as you all know we travelled to Disney last month. And we had so much fun.But the one thing we wanted most of all for Matteo was to see Mater and Lightening Mcqueen. But they were both getting refurbished. I almost cryed( i did actually feel alittle teary. It was something I wanted for my little boy soo much.

Anywho, Mater is going to be in Winnipeg on the weekend. Now I have never been to Manitoba. And to go without Joe too! I am alittle scared it is about 4 hrs away and we will spend the night. And on Sunday Jackson from Hannah Montana will be there as well.So, Frankie and her friend Sidney are excitedabout it too.

The admission is really cheap, which is great since it will be a bundle in gas. Should be a real adventure, wish me luck! I know I can do it I did drive all the way to BC with the kids and no Joe last summer. I am a trooper.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Have you ever had one of those nights?

Well, I am on my own with the kids. Mom and dad are in kamloops finishing up on the sell of their old house and Joe went back to work on Friday.I have been doing the single mom thing for more than a year now (for 2 weeks at a time).And I am always ok with. But I guess lately cause we have been staying with my parents I am used to someone being upstairs.
Anyway, sometimes not very often I scare myself into a frenzy.This was the case last night. I am a night owl but i am also a very light sleeper. I sleep witha fan on so I dont hear other noises that wake me up.
Last night I had just gone to bed at ten to 2 and I hear my parents dog upstairs barking and going nuts.(he does not bark for no reason)I jump up. What do I do lock the door down here in the dungeon basement or go and investigate. I decide to go look. I called my dad on his cell. Wake him up and tell him whats up. My dad is great he said ok go look. So long story short,I tiptoe upstairs while talking to dad nothing there but the dog is agitated. I take him down stairs. I double lock the basement door and try to go to bed. Now i am hearing every creak and the dogs collar is clanking. I feel like my heart his going jump out of my chest. I finally fall asleep at 4, I think I was asleep for 2 minutes and there is a huge bang.I jump out of my skin again, until I realize it was Matteo that had kicked the wall.
I turned on the fan and finally fell asleep!
All I have to say is thank goodness I have a helpful 11 year old daughter. That was mommies helper who took over this morning. Thanks Frankie!!!
So anyway I am over it and hope I can sleep soon. Cause tomorrow frankie is off to Regina over night!! poor mama.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Are these the faces of rude girls!!! Sassy maybe

Sick and more sick!!!

Well, first Frankie was sick at the beginning of the week. But I think that it went alittle deeper with her. Problems at school. I am at my witts end.You know teachers are wonderful. Had my life been different I wouldve been one. But That being said,I have a major problem with someone making my child feel small.Being new to our town we were warned about this particular teacher. And I told Frankie to keep an open mind and not to listen to gossip.
So, i went to a teacher meeting. I set it up by myself, she didnt ask to see me. I asked for the meeting on Tuesday,Wednesday she had a consellor pull Frankie out of class and discuss why she is so mad all the time. Frankie came home so upset. But my girl knows to stick up for herself so she told the consellor only her teacher upsets her. Thursday the teacher pulled Frankie out of the class to tell her she is rude and disrespectful. Oh and she gives dirty looks.
Thursday nite I arrived at the school and spoke to the principal. He admitted to expecting alot of parents from this class! So, my thoughts are would you not do something about this after years of complaints. I walked over to talk to her teacher.She greeted me witha huge smile and after a couple minutes I realized she wasnt going to tell me anything about my RUDE child. So I asked her to show me on her report card where it says all the negative behavior Frankie has. So, of course she couldnt came up with tons of reasons why children misunderstand her. I left as angry as I was when I got there! But let me tell the line up of moms waiting to talk to her was huge.
So, I think the next step is going to be a big meeting.

And now my asthma prone little boy is sick again. Heres to a better week.