Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Teach what we Preach

Today Matteo told his sister "put me down freak". And also said a swear to his dad. Needless to say I am less than happy about it and had to put his daddy in a timeout! {Ok,I must admit the freak thing took me by so much surprise,I laughed and hard}.But the swearing not so funny.

A big problem I have found in this house that daddy works away for two weeks at a time and it is getting really hard for him to remember we are not "the guys".He has never been an overly sensitive man,ok not sensitive at all. I make up for the both of us I think. But Matteo is so much more impressionable than Frankie. When she was four and got tricked into saying crap,she almost had a breakdown. Not my little man,it cracks him up and he listens intently for any type of bad word for correcting.I feel like this is an uphill battle that daddy doesn't think is such a big deal.

Matteo is such a handfull{like watching 3 kids},I do note need to add swearing to the mix!But on that not he can be so peaceful....


Monday, November 3, 2008

Date and glasses

This is me in my new glasses.
I have to tell you,they have caused quite a stir on facebook. My family and friends have been praising the look.But they said if they didnt know it was my page they wouldnt know it was me. I dont think I look that different.I think it is my hair also.
Oh well I have to wear them though,because my left eye has gotten dramatically worse and I just had my old pair for show. I never wore them.
Matteo and I had a great time at Thomas and he got a ton of loot,the guy next to us commented on all his stuff."Boy,you got everything" he said to Matteo.Well he did get alot but I would never say anything that rudely to someone.Because you know what there was a time when I wouldnt have been able to afford any of it,let alone a ticket. So,if I want to do something special for my kids I will. And yes I will admit they have been alittle spoiled lately,but so what.

We topped it all off by a visit to Chukie Cheese the next day on the way home.After a nice sleep in a big hotel bed.Just me and my little guy,it was great.