Friday, February 5, 2010

He didn't lie

About 3 weeks ago Matteo cut his hair almost to the scalp with those scissors that hardly cut paper. So, he got in some trouble for doing something wrong. ( Not that I dont remember doing that twice at a much older age)And all the while I tried not to laugh. I did made it through.

The scissors were taken away. Then a couple a days ago a cute little face said to his mom. " Mommy I promise if you let me use my scissors I wont cute my hair. All I want to do is make valentines for my friends". Melt my heart of course you can buddy but no haircutting. He played and cut for more than a hour. Wow I thought this is great. " ummm mommy, I didnt cut my hair, but I did cut a hole in my pajama pants and top". Parenting fail, I laughed.