Monday, November 3, 2008

Date and glasses

This is me in my new glasses.
I have to tell you,they have caused quite a stir on facebook. My family and friends have been praising the look.But they said if they didnt know it was my page they wouldnt know it was me. I dont think I look that different.I think it is my hair also.
Oh well I have to wear them though,because my left eye has gotten dramatically worse and I just had my old pair for show. I never wore them.
Matteo and I had a great time at Thomas and he got a ton of loot,the guy next to us commented on all his stuff."Boy,you got everything" he said to Matteo.Well he did get alot but I would never say anything that rudely to someone.Because you know what there was a time when I wouldnt have been able to afford any of it,let alone a ticket. So,if I want to do something special for my kids I will. And yes I will admit they have been alittle spoiled lately,but so what.

We topped it all off by a visit to Chukie Cheese the next day on the way home.After a nice sleep in a big hotel bed.Just me and my little guy,it was great.


Tracey said...

What a cutie, he is! I loved the Thomas time with my boys... sigh...

Kami said...

You do look different with and without the glasses but FABULOUS both ways :-)

Looks like you and Matteo had a grand time!