Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family fun and a great weekend

We travelled to Saskatoon for the first time this weekend. It was about a three and a half hour drive. No Joe of course he is working. My dad met us in Saskatoon to watch Matteo.
For Christmas this year I asked for tickets to Phantom of the Opera, for myself and Frankie.I got my dad to get one for mom as well. It was fantasic,I did see it when I was thirteen. We had really good seats,except for a tall lady in front of us that had to move her complete head with the actors on the stage. Oh ya a nd a woman hacking up a lung behind us.
We also went to the incorrect stadium and had to race across town to make it!

We then shopped our hearts out the next day,the best we could on Sunday short shopping hours.Frankie had 200 dollars to spend. She had her heart set on LuLu Lemon.She honestly was more excited about this store than Disneyland. We left there spending 300 dollars on an eleven year old!!!!

She got a pair of pants(that they are hemming for free,plus 9 dollars shipping to get here) A pair of shorts, A hoody,four headbands and a waterbottle!There shopping bags are fantastic and reusable.Frankie uses her old one for a school bag.

My only complaint about that store is that it was packed,I mean people on top of eachother. But people were leaving unsatisfied because tons of stuff on the shelves only had size 2 or 4. When we these stores get it that is not the average size! They would sell so much more.

We had a wonderful dinner at a local Italian restaurant and I wished we would have had more time. Next time!


Kami said...

Oh yes LuluLemon is always packed there! And they must have been sold out because I found sizes to fit me when I went.... and I assure you I am NOT a 2 or a 4!

Glad you had a good time:-)

mamatucci said...

Yes, it was packed. And the staff was super helpful.It was one kid that was working there,that told me stortage of larger sizes is their biggest problem. And also hearing one not large lady freaking out about their main hoodies not going to an exlarge. "Cause not everyone likes things tight on their boobs".
Probably we would have more selection during the week or Saturday. They said they get there shipments mon wed friday. Frankie was happy anyway!

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

Wow, that is crazy about the lululemon! I always hit up the ones in Calgary and Edmonton when we are back there but am not so impressed with their stuff lately. Oh, yes I have a massive collection but...I came across Bebe sport about a year ago and, wow their stuff is sooooo amazing in comparison, though it is more pricy..and seriously there is no need for that!

Glad you had a great weekend! I have only dreamt of seeing the Phantom of the Opera. Someday I guess.


I love my Lululemons.