Friday, April 11, 2008

The dungeon and the new place

Well, its done we are now the proud owners of a run down, kinda stinky, dingy house. But it is ours and if I close my eyes, I see the potential.
So, for now we will continue to live in the Dungeon. It is not so bad but really small and the bathrom is tiny.And we shower upstairs.
But I can see the end result and it is a everything brand spanking new house.Yippee


Guhn said...
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Kami said...

You keep things amazingly neat in there! I could take some organization lessons from you.

congratulations on your new house, make it the house of your dreams. Or at least the one you live in happily until the house of your dreams... that's wehre we are! It's more than a house though, it's a home with happy memories. I wish the same for yours:-)

mamatucci said...

Thanx Kami, I actually struggle with a tidy house. But now living in such a small space, I am much better. But you live with a tiny fraction of your stuff. Probably proof that you dont need all that we have!

Tracey said...

Hey, it's YOUR dungeon, right? Very cool that you bought a new home. Good luck on remodelling it. Heh heh... Seriously. I hope it goes well.