Sunday, April 13, 2008


Matteo got a haircut the day before Disneyland. It was not our regular girl.It was terrible. And to top it off it was 5 times more than we pay here in Melville. And the girl was sooooo rude. I had an appointment booked with a girl that had cut my really long hair off in December. So, I went in a little early since my mom was with us, to see if anyone had any openings for Matteo. There was a girl available. When she was asked to cut Matteos hair, I saw the LOOK! I should have walked out right then.I was desparate since we were going away the next day.

She didnt speak to him the entire time.She rolled her eyes when he would fidget. Keeping in mind Matteo has had no less than ten haircuts in his short 2 years.The first one a 4 months.He is a pro. And it is the one time when he actually sits and almost behaves!!! But I think he was feeling her frustration and was not behaving. NOt really bad though, I have seen kids really freaking out. He was just squirming.

Anyways, last week I let Joe practically buzz cut him, because everytime I would look at his hair I would feel angry. (about the actual experience,NOT Matteo).

So, now I am going to try to grow out his hair, past the awkward faze.

And if you were wondering the girl that had cut my hair so wonderfully in December. Totally did a number on me that I am still paying for till this day.Needless, to say it was a bad salon day!!!!!

He his still really cute though!!! Those were a couple pictures with the new short cut from dad.



It's funny how you never forget somebody who is rude.

Kami said...

Grrr, you need to find a new salon!

He's a cutie for sure:-)