Sunday, October 12, 2008

It is too early for this

It is way to early for this,couldnt we at least make it till Halloween!

And it is actually sticking. Everytime I look at weather network they push the snow onto the next day.We were expecting Saskpower to start digging this week,Maybe not now. It does look pretty though,but thats not the point.It is such a hassle.

Why did I move to Saskatchewan again?
Oh ya it is because I love this,

So,I guess we will stay inside and eat our Thanksgiving ham.And be thankful for all we have and the warm roof over our heads.... And maybe we will do "Loga" instead.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kami said...

Tell me about it!! We couldn't believe when we came home to snow on Monday.


But it does have it's nice views but notice, they are all in SUMMER.