Friday, February 29, 2008

I wonder....

I wonder if it is strange that I havent told any friends or family about my blog? I may just be writing to myself. But I dont know if I am ready to share. With strangers sure but family not quite. Seems to me maybe it should be the way around.
Maybe when I get alittle more sure of myself.


Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

Oh gosh, you are funny!
I was the opposite. We kept our blog to just family for 2 years before telling online friends.
As you settle into blogging it will get easier. just takes time:)

Kami said...

Hey! I came from Anna's - she mentioned you were in the bald prairie too :-)

I find it very interesting as to who reads mine and who doesn't. And sometimes who I'll tell that I have one and who I won't. Blogging has brought me lots of friends and some have come to be real friends too. Like Anna.

I'll be back! You are welcome at the Khlopchyk anytime :-)

Ps looks like a fabulous trip to California too, yay for you guys!