Monday, July 14, 2008

We're off,we're off,well almost!

This time tomorrow I hope to be somewhere close to the Saskatchewan and Alberta border.We are heading to BC. Mom,the kids and I. Joe will meet us by plane on the 25th.This time I am going to try to make it into BC before stopping for the night,cause the journey is 3 hrs longer this time.

Some of plans include: visiting and staying an entire week with my Nonna(gramma),while there spending a week and a half with cousins.(Who are also my bestfriends). Going to Whiterock overnight in a fancy hotel on the ocean.A present for my birthday from my cousin. Playland,going to discount hair salon store with a different cousin to get a expensive flat iron at her cost.Yippee.Lots and lots of shopping.And my little cousins wedding.Where does time go she was 12 in my wedding. Now she is a mama and getting married.

Then we are off to Joes family. Which is not quite the same.2 weeks there,but good news his mom now has internet. So half way through the trip I will at least be able to catch up abit.I do have friends and my niece in kamloops to spend time with. Then it is back to Vancouver to pick up my mom,spend a couple days then do the journey back home again.

So I am off..........

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Kami said...

Have a great trip! Looking forward to hearing about it when you get back