Saturday, June 28, 2008

5 Things and Time ago

I felt like I needed something to replace my last post:

10 years ago: I was 22 years old. I had a 2 year old and we had moved away from our families to Vancouver. I loved being "home" and Joe didnt so we moved back to Kamloops,the next year.

5 years ago: I was working two jobs and living in our first real "owned home". And I was still recovering from the 3 surgeries on my ankle. And taking a break from the fertility game.

1 year ago: Life was pretty much the same as it is now. Frankie finishing school. Joe working. But we still lived in our own house.

Yesterday: I had alot of appointments,payed for the lawnmower to be fixed.Getting ready for Mom,dad and Joe to come home.

5 snacks I like: popcorn,chocolate,almonds,pop{why i can never loose weight}, sunflwer seeds

5 books I like to read: I love to read but havent done it much lately,People magazine,romance novels{Nora Roberts},a book on polgamy right now.Sears,Computer articles

5 foods I dislike: Tomatoes { but I will eat sauce,salsa,ketchup} just no chunks.Mushrooms{i do not even like the smell} Cooked them raw. Liver. Pizza Pops.

5 bad habits: Not sticking to a diet,biting my nails,to much snacks,skipping meals,not enough water

5 pet peeves: rudeness,cashiers who do not say hello,bragging,empty carton in the fridge,telemarketers

5 things I enjoy: my children,my cousins,when my children are happy,watching dancing,seafood{like I am having tonight}

5 TV shows I like: Young and the Restless{memories of when I used to watch it,with my Gramma} So You think You can dance.Jon and Kate plus eight{although I find Kate alittle to controlling} Amazing race.Reruns of Friends,everbody loves Raymond

5 people I would love to meet: Gordan Ramsey,Jon and Kate,this is hard. I would love to meet up with a few friends that I drifted apart from. Mostly because my life started so much sooner than theirs.

5 things I would never wear: bikini{even if I were skinny} tube top {same} pink{never,ever. I will have to tell you about my weird pink phobia one day}long socks,wool

Thats it, afew things about myself. One day I will have to do the 100 things about myself. But then this took me long enough!

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Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

Brandee this was so great!
I feel like I know you better and you are such a neat person!
I totally agree about the bragging and struggle to not come across as a bragger when I am happy and want to share, the balance is so fine and I have no idea if I pull it off.
I sure notice when other people get too braggy though,makes me want to get sick!

The diet thing I get too and though I have never struggled with weight I know that if I did I would be a lost cause.
I love my fries and salty snacks and when I try to curb and stick to a plan I cannot last more than two days. I think I will faint if I go three.
My sister does diets though and is doing WW now and I don't know how she can stick to it, amazing!