Monday, June 16, 2008

Prices like Gold and Red Spots

We spent the Fathers Day weekend without any Fathers around.It seems like Joe is always working his two weeks on during any sort of holiday. He has missed all our birthdays, Easter,Thanksgiving,Halloween,Mothers Day and now Fathers day,this past year. But we try to celebrate on alternate days. We just always make sure he is home for Christmas. Although he did miss New Years. Maybe next year will work out differently.
We were talking though about how I never make him feel bad for missing these things. There are a couple wives of guys where he works, that make their husbands feel crappy about it.Phone them crying and everything. These guys have pretty stressfull jobs and do not need the added stress of things they cannot change. It is a hard life but they do it for their families and so we can for the most part stay home if we want.I appreciate what he does and I KNOW, I could never do it. Everytime he comes home he notices the kids have grown or their hair is longer. And especially all the new stuff Matteo comes up with. Anyway, Joe we appreciate you!

So, Friday we let Frankie skip the afternoon of school and we took Gramma with us. We dropped off daddy and went Chuckie Cheese,Winners and Tony Roma's for dinner. Was alot of fun but we got home really late. We had a double header soccer morning. And yippee Frankie scored a goal.

Then we went to Ituna for a community garage sale. OM Goodness, it was the funniest garage sales ever. Let alone most of it belonged in a dumpster!(literly)The rest was priced like gold,some of which were actually priced higher than retail.A couple examples,White Rain Tame shampoo in the older packaging selling for $5.00. Retail $2.49. A big durable but beat up kids slide $250.00 dollars. I said pardon me and had to turn around do hide my chuckles! What has happened to bargains.

Sunday, was uneventful except for Matteo got Hand,Foot Mouth Disease. Which after looking it up sounds much worse than it is. He didnt have a fever or anything just spots,that are now blistering.Other bloggers have said that when their kids have it, they vegged and slept alot.Not my kid of course,still full of hyper beans.Couldnt have had even alittle down time.LOL



They must have toted alot of the garage sale stuff back home at those prices.

Kami said...

That is not so much fun that Joe has to be away but you have a great attitude about it. Celebrating on alternate days can be way more fun anyway ;-)

And that garage sale is too funny! Bet lots of it ended up right back in their garages.

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

That garage sale it too funny, people crack me up!

Glad you guys can work around Joe's job, you are a great wife!

Drea said...

Sorry to hear about the HF and M disease... we think our boys had it a few weeks ago.. but honestly we still arent sure what they had. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Im bad about replying back lately.. :-) but I do appreciate it! :-)