Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dance Recital

Frankie had her recital this weekend, it was so good. She did awesome.It was a really good show this year the theme was All about town,because it it Melvilles Centennial this year. Frankies Jazz class preformed to "Carwash". They did a pyramid to loud cheers. Frankie was the bottom middle in the pryamid.
But to end the night on a sour note,someone stole my Sirius radio out of my van.The only took the main part, so it is of no use to them.But,when Joe went to report it, there was another mom from dancing there. She had her two little ones with her, and she was crying.She told Joe her digital camera,video camera and XM radio were stolen out of her vechicle.She said I dont care about any of it,but all my pictures are gone.Swimming lessons,Camping.Then I thought,and I was worried about my radio,that can be easily replaced.I hope by some miracle whoever took her camera would drop off the card at the postoffice or something. We live in such a small town it would get back to her.


Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

Wow way to go Frankie!

So sad about the Sirius, that is a bummer!
I hope for the other woman as well that her photos get returned I know what that is like!
We had all our digital stuff stolen once when we were broken into and we lost over 1000 photos.
Not fun!

Kami said...

Frankie is such beautiful girl and she looks so much like you! Way to go Frankie, the recital sounds fantastic!