Monday, September 15, 2008

Cause its been awhile

I think I went through a dry spell,happens to the best of us I suppose.We did so much on our trip to BC and then if you can believe it Joe and I got suckered into flying down to BC ourselves a couple weeks later for another wedding. His cousins this time. It was nice,quick,expensive and my first time away from Matteo for more than a night.
The first wedding we went to was my baby cousin Tracy,who by the way is not a baby and has a beautiful little girl herself.She was a junior bridesmaid at my wedding when she was 12. Our familes are so close because we were raised together.
The next picture is my favorite,it brings tears to my eyes each time I look at it. This is my Nonna(gramma) and all of her great grandchildren starting from my Frankie being the oldest.And finishes with my cousin Jamies twins who were barly a month old at their aunties wedding.This is also very special being that my mom and dad got to bring my niece Alyse.My brother is not available right now(another post in its self)and her mom is shall we say alittle difficult sometimes.But she let us have her for 4 whole days.She is the one standing on the chair crying for Frankie to hold her.
It was a wonderful day,with only my brother missing.

I am having a hard time posting pictures on this one. So I will had the picture of Joes cousins wedding next time and it wont be such a long stretch.

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Kami said...

Grandma looks so pleased! What a great memory ;-)

Welcome back, you have been missed!