Thursday, September 18, 2008

The photo that wouldnt load

All cousins and spouses,doing the "chee" smile. Italian joke with them.
These two pictures are from Joes other cousins wedding last year,but since I didnt have a blog back then,I will show them now.

My beautiful guest book girl:
A girl and her dad:
And our Lobster feast. My mom and dad went on a holiday to Nova Scotia(my moms dream)and flew 10 lobsters and freash scallops home.Yummo! That blond guy is my dad and yes biological!People always thought I must have been from a previous marriage my mom had.But since they been together since she was 15 and got married straight out of highschool.Its highly unlikely!They just celebrated their 33rd.
Arent they cute.They both are going though some health scares right now,they have had so much stress with my brother.I hope they will both be ok and live long and healthy lives.Love you both.

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Kami said...

Frankie looks so grown up! You need a big stick for those boys....

Hope your parents are okay, it's no fun to go through stuff like that. Since when do our parents get sick anyway? I don't like this part of being grown up...