Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy birthday to my favorite girl

Guess who is twelve today!!!

When we were going through infertility for all of those years people would always say maybe this summer,maybe in September. And just abit before I got pregnant,my mom said the same thing to me. And I told her oh no I think I am a winter breeder. And low and behold my baby that was soon to be concieved was due December 31st. He was late his sister was early. So Matteo was born 6 days before his sisters birthday. That birthday was a hard one for Frankie she was turning nine and people would phone and ask her about her baby brother and forget her birthday. She was so conflicted so happy to have a sibling that she had wanted for years. But after being the only child on both sides there were now 3 new babies. A hard adjustment but she took it all on like a champ.

A few things about Frankie:

She loves her brother(but he absolutely is a pest)
She loves music ( and is very talented)
She loves clothes
She loves brandname clothes
She loves hanging out with her friends
She has a large group of friends who are boys
She dislike alot of veggies ( but we can always find a few basics)
She doesnt really like to wear red ( but she looks really cute in it)
She has a quick temper
She cannot for the life her keep her room clean(worse than any child I have ever known)

last year of preteen and only 364 more days till she is a teenager..... yikes

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Kami said...

I bet you had whole lot of comments made to you that were inappropriate! Mateo was worth the wait and he has such a nice big sister too!

Happy Birthday to your big girl! YIKES on the teenager part, I am shaking already and I have 6 years to go still....