Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doctors,needles and Sphincters oh my....

Exhausted after a day of poking and proding.

Well, sometimes a mom does know a thing or two. I knew Matteo didnt have Asthma. And the specialist confirmed it today!He has a weak Sphincter..

I didnt even know we had one let alone two of these,but we do. One is at the top of the stomach and one at the bottom.His weak one is the top. What does this mean? Well it means we will have to continue worrying everytime he coughs that there will be vomit. The alternative is a life threatening operation. Ummm pretty sure we can live with some puke!And he may grow out of it.

The Doctor did tell me what I had already figured.Many many doctors are taking the easy way out and labeling kids with asthma.

We also went for his first blood tests.That was traumatic for both of us. He kept moving so the had to poke him 3 times and dig around it was terrible.The nurse had to completly cover my 37pound three year old baby with her entire body. As well as me holding down his legs and one hand on his chest.He is a tough little guy.The blood tests are to check his lymphnoids and to try and figure out why a little scratch becomes a staph infection.All in all it was a very informative day.

But he is on the mend and maybe if he rested alittle he would get 100% better.This kid never sits still!


Kami said...

Oh I am so glad you are getting some answers! I had no idea we had sphincters...I hope he grows out of it and I agree a little vomit vs an operations sounds good to me.


Anna-b-bonkers said...

Aww, poor little dude!!
Vomit over surgery, no brainer, you are an awesome mom!
I hope he grows out of it too, and I am also glad he didn't just get labeled with asthma.

Hope he is feeling better!

Oh, and that spa, it is in Moose Jaw. We just drive around until we find it. the coolest part is being able to go outside and sitting there with all the steam rising off the pool and the snow around us.

Go during the week from Sunday to Thurs. It is half price. We all got in for 14 $ and on weekends it is over 30$

Hope to see you soon!

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